WWII in Bellingham

WWII in Bellingham

Postby jerry » Thu May 03, 2007 4:14 pm

I was evacuated in WWII to an isolated farm on the moors some miles from Bellingham. In those days there were no forests, just wild whaleback moors, flower meadows and streams. Paradise. The farm children had never seen the sea. One of them was Barty Potts, well-known in North Tynedale in later years in connection with the wark football team. The wonderful Kathryn Tickell wrote a Northumbrian pipe tune in his honour.

We children walked to the nearest road and were taken into Bellingham by taxi (driven by Roddy). The school was by the railway that ran up North Tynedale then. On the field there we played shinty, a sort of hockey without rules as I recall.

I remember the girls - Betty Hall, Nancy Brown and the rest - and Peter Cordiner the chemist's son.

Happy days.
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